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Electric Point educates on Lot 20

15th Aug 2017

Electric Point perfectly summarises the new Lot 20 requirements and its impact on electric heating appliances, answering all the need-to-know questions in an easily digestible format.

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Lot 20 EcoDesign controls

14th Aug 2017

Electric Point have summarised the new types of controls being incorporated into heating appliances to make them Lot 20 compliant.

These include:

24 hour or 7 day Timer Control. This Read more
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What you need to know about Lot 20

11th Aug 2017

Glen Dimplex Ireland have reported on what you need to know about Lot 20 compliance and the actions that the Dimplex brand has taken to meet these requirements.

“By researching and Read more

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Dimplex achieving Lot 20 compliance with storage heaters

10th Jul 2017

This post lists the newest innovations from Dimplex in regards to Lot 20 compliance within their storage heater range and covers the new features of the intelligent controls that have been Read more

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Lot 20’s impact on electric heating

14th Jun 2017

Christian Hadley, Head of Product Marketing for Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV), looks at the impact that the forthcoming Lot 20 regulation will have on electric heating - covering Read more

Chris Stammers, GDHV

Lot 20: The facts

6th Mar 2017

Chris Stammers, Product Marketing Director for Dimplex, brings electrical wholesalers up to date to help make sure they are prepared for the changes.

This article covers the key facts about Read more