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Gaining compliance for underfloor heating

Since 1st January 2018, underfloor heating must have:

  1. Electronic room temperature control plus week timer
  2. One of the following energy saving features:
    1. Distance control option – remote interaction from outside the building in which the product is installed, e.g. use of an app to delay the heating from coming on when you will be home late to save energy.
    2. Open window sensing – integrated into the product. The product shuts down when a window is open to save energy. This is done by monitoring output against temperature, and stopping if the heater is on but the temperature is not changing. 
    3. Adaptive start control – predicts and initiates the optimal start-up of heating in order to reach the set point temperature at the desired time. This means that the minimum amount of energy is used to get a room to temperature, rather than it being heated up too early because of poor user estimation (on at 6am to be warm by 7am etc.

If you would like to check if a product is compliant, please use the efficiency calculator.